Strong IT Experience

Independent contractor serving Phoenix & Scottsdale Arizona for on-site engagements, as well as National remote engagements.

Over 20 years of experience in software engineering, database architecture, as well as the management experience to match it.

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 Committed to 'your' ROI

I take pride in my work, and am compelled to provide the best solution that I can. I use a high level of transparency and visibility.

Having operated as a Director in various roles, I understand your ROI, and the benefits of transparency giving you time to react to impediments.

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 Service Stacks

I cater in the following service stacks:

  • Software Engineering
  • Database Engineering & Data Migration
  • Management, motivation, process design & implementation
  • Mentorship, Training

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Expertise in Microsoft and prevailing technologies:

  • F#: AI (Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks & Machine Learning)
  • C# & VB.Net (strong in multi-threading & data caching)
  • UI: ASP.Net MVC, AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3
  • Microsoft SQL, Analysis Services (SSAS), SSRS

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  Hot off the press:!

"Your wishes are my posts!"

UTradeIt is the revolution of classifieds. We have combined a “classified” site with a “bartering” system, allowing you to buy, sell... or trade if you wish.

It improves upon the old “post and pray” model with a powerful  Trade-Matching engine to connect your posts with other users’ wishes. It also protects the community with a proprietary AI security wall and a multi-stage user reputation system.

"Once in a while, a revolutionary platform comes along; is definitely a ‘game-changer’ ..."

From H.Foughi, CEO

 Why is it different?

  • A brain built around the Circular relationships between people's Posts & their Wishes.
    Mapping your Post(s) → to other user's Wishes → to their Posts → finally back to your Wishes
  • A safe place; you can rate users at multiple levels (Polite or rude? Product as described?)
    Strong multi-level rating platform
  • A private place; no one sees your email, and you have the ability to end conversations anytime. Automated conversation closure when you trade/sell items.
    Built-in messaging center for your privacy
  • A serene place; A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) monitored to ensure malicious users are unable to flag your post because they see you as competition to their own post.
    Meet the next generation of intelligent monitoring