Strong IT Experience

Independent contractor serving Phoenix & Scottsdale Arizona for on-site engagements, as well as National remote engagements.

Over 20 years of experience in software engineering, database architecture, as well as the management experience to match it.

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 Committed to 'your' ROI

I take pride in my work, and am compelled to provide the best solution that I can. I use a high level of transparency and visibility.

Having operated as a Director in various roles, I understand your ROI, and the benefits of transparency giving you time to react to impediments.

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 Service Stacks

I cater in the following service stacks:

  • Software Engineering
  • Database Engineering & Data Migration
  • Management, motivation, process design & implementation
  • Mentorship, Training

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Expertise in Microsoft and prevailing technologies:

  • F#: AI (Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks & Machine Learning)
  • C# & VB.Net (strong in multi-threading & data caching)
  • UI: ASP.Net MVC, AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3
  • Microsoft SQL, Analysis Services (SSAS), SSRS

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 Hot off the press:!

This is not a generic classified site, this is Disruptive Technology!

Note: The domain has also been acquired for redirection...

"Once in a while, a revolutionary platform comes along; is definitely a ‘game-changer’ ..."

From H.Foughi, CEO

 Why is it different? Imagine...

  • A brain built around the Circular relationships between people's Posts & their Wishes.
    Mapping your Post(s) → to other user's Wishes → to their Posts → finally back to your Wishes
  • A safe place; you can rate users at multiple levels (Polite or rude? Product as described?)
    Strong multi-level rating platform
  • A private place; no one sees your email, and you have the ability to end conversations anytime. Automated conversation closure when you trade/sell items.
    Built-in messaging center for your privacy
  • A serene place; malicious users are unable to flag your post because they see you as competition to their own post.
    Meet the next generation of intelligent flagging

 Is it ready?!

We are about 95% complete:

  • Multiple Trademarks & Patents have been filed
  • In the middle of negotiations for go-live servers
  • Undergoing rigorous testing (human & automated high-traffic stress tests)

 Who's behind this?

Some of the talents involved:

  • Backed-up with over 20 years of software engineering experience
  • Leaders with more than a decade of IT leadership under their belt
  • Graphic artists and user experience experts
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About that Circular relationship; It's practically impossible for most platforms to answer the following questions: "What could I get for my ..."

UTradeIt maps your Posts to other people's Wishes, then tie their Wishes to their own Posts, and finally screen those Posts to match your Wishes...   And if that's not enought, the platform has the capability to find a 3rd person to be the bridge between you and the item you want!

A complete circular match that probably made your head spin, but UTradeIt's patent pending engine does this for you in one click, across tens of thousands of posts, in milliseconds.